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The Official Website for Simgirls, Simgirls 2, and Blackspears

Posted by sim-man - December 25th, 2012

The new Official Website for Simgirls, Simgirls 2 and Blackspears is: https://www.blackspears.com


Comments (15)

Yay! Would definitely check it!! Simgirl for life!!

Haha nice. Thanks for playing.

Welcome back!!!!

:D I am working on the next project SG2. Thanks for playing.

Dude you are the reason i fell in love with the internet. Simgirls alone gave a spark of curiosity to my mind and a thirst to find out what all the internet had. With that in mind I say thank you sir and I welcome you back. You have been gone for to long my friend!

thank you man, I am now working on the next project. Cheers.

how do you get lover on sim girls I got 7 prefuit dates but nothing happed

talk to Ami at school and also the faq on the simgirls page on blackspear.info

Congrats on the Daily First! Hope all goes well with the new game, looks quite fantabulous!

thanks we will work hard on that

wait is simgirls lovermore sim girls 2? or is it just an off game that just slightly related through game play? if so id love to buy it but I find that after about 2 hours of playing it I get bored and I usually don't play it for a very long time so id like to know because if it is :( i'm gonna have a very long thought as I have a lot of other game sitting around to be played

Any reason deleting your ancient kung fu movies?

I literally made a newgrounds account oh so long ago to spread some love to you man. As others have said you set the standard for making a game you actually care about the characters. It was a fun, innovative system, that even in your game you lamented how many other dating sims ripped you off, stole your success, and gave you no credit. Well here you are with a new company, loving, loyal fans, and our continued support. I know the past must have seemed dark, but you aren't inspiring a new generation of perverts (okay, not MOSTLY anyways ;P), you're inspiring old fans and new. I am so, so excited to see you back on the scene dude. Thank you so much.

On sim_girls full version How do you get the final items for Sana

why does every 2nd game have to be pay to play?

Everything alright there man? I checked your sites and the only ones that are up are Freedomwall and Roseberry, and people are asking if there's any updates from you.

@JJMAJR wondering the same thing. hope he's okay

@brotheryeezus Freedomwall is gone now.

Are you alive??????