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The Official Website for Simgirls, Simgirls 2, and Blackspears

2012-12-25 14:07:01 by sim-man

The new Official Website for Simgirls, Simgirls 2 and Blackspears is:


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2013-01-07 05:27:27

Yay! Would definitely check it!! Simgirl for life!!

sim-man responds:

Haha nice. Thanks for playing.


2013-01-10 00:21:11

Welcome back!!!!

sim-man responds:

:D I am working on the next project SG2. Thanks for playing.


2013-01-24 00:08:54

Dude you are the reason i fell in love with the internet. Simgirls alone gave a spark of curiosity to my mind and a thirst to find out what all the internet had. With that in mind I say thank you sir and I welcome you back. You have been gone for to long my friend!

sim-man responds:

thank you man, I am now working on the next project. Cheers.


2013-02-05 17:09:46

how do you get lover on sim girls I got 7 prefuit dates but nothing happed

sim-man responds:

talk to Ami at school and also the faq on the simgirls page on


2013-11-18 02:08:03

Congrats on the Daily First! Hope all goes well with the new game, looks quite fantabulous!

sim-man responds:

thanks we will work hard on that


2013-12-02 15:12:22

wait is simgirls lovermore sim girls 2? or is it just an off game that just slightly related through game play? if so id love to buy it but I find that after about 2 hours of playing it I get bored and I usually don't play it for a very long time so id like to know because if it is :( i'm gonna have a very long thought as I have a lot of other game sitting around to be played


2013-12-07 21:53:20

Any reason deleting your ancient kung fu movies?


2013-12-15 02:16:01

I literally made a newgrounds account oh so long ago to spread some love to you man. As others have said you set the standard for making a game you actually care about the characters. It was a fun, innovative system, that even in your game you lamented how many other dating sims ripped you off, stole your success, and gave you no credit. Well here you are with a new company, loving, loyal fans, and our continued support. I know the past must have seemed dark, but you aren't inspiring a new generation of perverts (okay, not MOSTLY anyways ;P), you're inspiring old fans and new. I am so, so excited to see you back on the scene dude. Thank you so much.


2014-05-10 02:40:01

The combined views of both the old and new Simgirls is 50,000,000 today. Congratulations on the milestone.


2014-06-12 23:37:50

On sim_girls full version How do you get the final items for Sana


2014-08-08 16:17:33

why does every 2nd game have to be pay to play?