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SIMGIRLS full version is up!

2012-04-28 17:47:02 by sim-man

Finally after 10 years of on-and-off, very part-time development, the game is completed! I left the game in about 2006 and came back to finish it early this year.

There are six different endings and 18 hidden scenes + all other regular scenes in the game.

Many features in the game are upgraded as well. Play it now:

SIMGIRLS full version is up!


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2012-04-28 18:06:12

Yay sim-man, finally, what's going to happen now? make anew project or leave the flash world forever.
Either way I will support you thru it all man!

sim-man responds:

I am planning on making Simgirls 2 for real. Possibly on tablets and ipads.


2012-04-28 18:11:02

You can't be fucking serious! Like, really!? Man, this is just insane.

What's next!? Is Fallen Angel next episode gonna come out or is Final Fighting Fantasy finally gonna finish? That was a lot of fs.

sim-man responds:

Yes I am fuckin serious. Bring it on! lol


2012-04-28 19:04:23

Time to play through it all over again, been a couple of years since I last played it. :)

sim-man responds:

Lots of new contents are added.


2012-04-28 20:02:38

It's great to see the full version after ten years.

sim-man responds:

It's amazing to see that some people are still around after all these years.


2012-04-28 20:21:04

Dude i thought you were dead. But i was so glad to see this game finally get completed.

sim-man responds:

I was dead. It's a resurrection.


2012-04-28 21:04:17

Thanks man, your work will forever be respected by other NG'ers. :)

sim-man responds:

I hope so. I want to make Simgirls 2.


2012-04-29 04:25:14

It was almost 10 years ago today I played SIMGIRLS. I'll never forget it because there was a lot of shovelware dress up games where you just moved clothes off a girl until she was naked. SIMGIRLS was different it was better in gameplay than most RPGS on the site and the character dialogue was really fun to navigate through with that said that ending drove me insane and the lack of save system back than met leaving the page open and hoping no one ever went into my room and used the computer. Because of your game an entire genre of adult sim dating games starting popping up, some better than others but honestly they were all being compared to SIMGIRLS it was the gold standard of dating sims. 10 years later you're back and the game is still memorable. The dating sim genre dried up so to hear you're considering making another one is getting me pretty nostalgic, I mean you pretty much have to since the first was so influential.

sim-man responds:

The second one will be entirely different and it will be for tablets and iPad.


2012-04-29 04:50:46

Sim Man plz make Simgirls 2 for computer as well as I don't have ipad/tablet.

sim-man responds:

Sure. Just ipad first and if it is successful, then other platforms as well.


2012-04-29 09:22:57

Now expecting Valve to announce Half Life 3 at E3

sim-man responds:

Long wait.


2012-05-02 16:43:10

Resurrection, you say?

Then I too, shall follow your leadership!

Resurrection it is!

sim-man responds:

Yes I am alive & SG2 is coming.


2012-05-03 04:03:41

I have to ask. When you disapeared all that time ago something happened. The forum on the site your game used to be hosted on The people on the forum began recruiting artist and programers, along with script writers and everything else.

They did it not only to continue the game but to help keep it alive. Did you use any of their work in your new uploaded version? Or is it a completely separate fan made version now?

sim-man responds:

It's completely different I didn't even try their version.


2012-05-03 18:32:48

Wow I remember this glad to see it done now time for tom to release Pico 2!!!!

sim-man responds:



2012-05-12 21:53:28

I played but I lost :|

sim-man responds:

Try the latest version 5.27, it's a lot easier.


2012-05-14 18:30:43

Just a question, when you date a person, (ex. Tomoki) Talk, Gift, use, then Photo, I can't do anything on then. All she says is "Can we do something else"?


But it's fun/


2012-05-15 18:43:31

Also, when you are at her house and you got 8000 Roleationship Points and you go to her house and ask, how do you Win? Shes blushing and all but it says she's not impressed? A maxed al the actions and it still says she's still not impressed lol.

sim-man responds:

You must have missed something. Keep talking to her and answer ALL questions correctly. Use every option available without making a single mistake.


2012-05-16 19:00:53

Congratz on finishing your game. Hope your 2nd game is a bigger hit than your first.

sim-man responds:

I hope so! Thanks.


2012-05-24 05:10:51

Ohhh man I was afraid you were really dead. I was like...WHEN HOW WHY WHAT THE....but it is great to hear not only were you alive, but also hard at work. It is great hear from you again sir and hope all is going well for you. NOW TO PLAY THE GAME AFTER god who knows long hiatus.


2012-06-16 23:29:36

I'm glad to know that this has finally found an ending. After following it through since the beggining, it moves me to see one classic to meet a good ending. I hope this has been a good time for you, for heck, 10 years is one hell of a time!
I hope to see more inovations from you xP, you were the first, man!


2012-06-19 23:12:24

It's sure been a while.

I remember seeing your early version of the game stuck on NG front page back in 2002. In fact the front page didn't look like it was updated so it was there until around 2003.

It's a fun game.

Even checked out the manga, what happened to Ryuji was kind of weird.


2012-07-06 16:02:44

You're...You're ALIVE?!?!?!

I've been playing your full game since yesterday. Spent way too many hours playing it instead of doing housework, but I don't care because it's amazing.

Now if we could just motivate you to make a SimGUYS for us ladies...


2012-07-12 08:35:29

I love you x_x... i thought you were dead or stopped making flash entirely, i remember playing this when i was still in grade school. Glad to see your ok, will follow you and if possible support anyway i can in your future works.


2012-07-20 22:41:01

OMG! I love you SOO much!! Best game maker ever.


2012-10-08 03:44:36

hello , sim man .when I play this game I can't read English.when you stop update sim girl.I am very depressed, I think you will it mean don't finish something what you do it before in chinese. it.Today I see the full version, what a happy day!!
thank you very much all of your


2012-10-08 03:46:06

I think you will "taijian" it . "taijian"= eunuch it mean don't finish something what you do it before in chinese


2012-10-09 09:20:41

Sim man you are my hero.... you teach me about dates when i was a child.... im married now...... thanks :') God bless you


2012-12-05 01:00:54

The new official site of Simgirls is

I am currently working on Simgirls 2.


2013-01-21 17:23:35

what are the cheats again?