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5.1 uploaded!

2011-10-16 02:35:46 by sim-man

Finally I am able to take some time to fix the bugs and issues found in version 5.0. It may take up to 48 hours for NG to review it however. Please wait...


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2011-10-16 11:49:46

YES!!!! THANK YOU!! You have no idea how long I've been trying to contact you through, sim-man! lol Please, man, make Tomoko the star again! You inspired me to actually watch the D-N-A² OVA, and though it was awesome at the beginning, I've gotta say that it turned out kinda weird, and the rushed ending left a lot to be desired. But you have given D-N-A² a new life, and I had played this game years and years before ever even watching the anime. You are the man!! I've missed the era where anime and video game fans revolutionized the U.S. But it really looks like this economy will rise up again and offer a whole new generation of the stuff that I love. I'm working on a manga myself, though I'm still new to being an artist, but people like you have inspired me believe it or not, even if it is an "H" dating sim. By the way, I would absolutely love to make a simulation game some day.

To sim-man! And the first Flash game that I ever played on [BACK WHEN THIS WEBSITE WAS FLOODED WITH HENTAI AD BANNERS ROFL].


sim-man responds:

Thank you for your support. I did make Tomoko the star of this version again. Enjoy!


2011-10-21 20:27:22

dude so glad to see that your still around i have been playing this game since i was a kid its been one of my favorite games of all time its Right up there with GTA, and call of duty. you ever thought about making this into a full game? i would buy it in a heartbeat. And ever think about making a new game you have the talent and the fans to break some new ground


2011-10-21 22:38:06

Just beat the game. Finally, a COMPLETE ENDING. The definitive version right here. This game pretty much defined the first type of dating sim on Newgrounds EVER, and now with all of the new scenes, it's like a whole new game. You compiled everything from the previous versions all into one. Everything fit perfectly right into the good old 100-day limit. This is the best version and worth hours of gameplay. Other than typos in the dialogue, this is more than expected.

P.S. The scene where you needed 200+ Charm and $2,000 is only possible with the "testbug" cheat, I'm pretty sure, and it didn't really do much. lol

sim-man responds:

I achieved that status within 9 days. I chose playful type, assigned all points to charm, built charm and focused on Tomoko only, worked as salesman and wasted no time on anything else. After that I still had a few days left before her bday to do other stuff.

In the latest version, only sleeping with her on her bday will trigger the extreme hentai scenes later.


2011-10-25 10:07:55

Sim-man,hope you can work a bit more on the dialouge in the next version.
Also is it possible to have relationship beyond lover, like you can trigger some special sex scenes after lover stat for instance library sex or SM, because after I reach lover stat there's nothing much I can do to enjoy this achievement


2011-10-26 11:20:59

[Reply to sim-man's response:]
Ohh, that would make sense, because I beat the game with all girls in the ending with Casual type.


2011-10-28 12:43:11

hello simman i love you very much , sim girls is legend of H flash game
i think it's good if you have more tomoko complex event and more minigame
[ minigame i very like it haha ]

PS. i don't care if you improve size of the game [10 MB,20 MB hahahaha ]

PS2. sry for my language

PS3. thank you everything simman.


2011-11-08 17:49:09

My goodness, ten years later and STILL working! mad props dude, and I thought you are dead like the other members.


2011-11-11 17:26:35

my god, you are finally back. it brings back great memories


2011-11-29 02:22:01

nevermind about my other comment, the hyper mode is working now


2011-12-13 16:24:19

It's great to see you back. I expect more great things from you. I've been a fan of your work for a couple of years now.


2011-12-23 14:09:51

on your site its 5.13 why you hate us?

and make sim girls 2 , sim girls 1 is getting old man.


2012-01-16 00:52:20

That's awesome! Lol, this is the equivalent of StickRPG 2 in terms of length of time devoted to the project; I think I first noticed the game when I was barely a teenager and I'm 21 now. Anyway, can't wait to see how you bring the game up to date!


2012-01-20 04:56:51

Play simgirls 5.13 here:- sg-game.html


2012-01-20 04:57:48

Simgirls 5.14 is almost done. simgirls-514-is-almost-done.html


2012-01-20 05:46:04

Play Ami's Sex Mini Game here:


2012-01-23 23:30:00

So how does one accomplish Kotomi's scene with the feather


2012-02-08 02:24:56

Kotomi's Mini Game is not completed...


2012-03-03 03:51:21

History of SimGirls (SimGirls Wiki) :- ion_5.1


2012-03-03 03:51:24

History of SimGirls (SimGirls Wiki) :- ion_5.1


2012-03-20 15:39:36

After all this time you're still working on it? cool.

And RDxsoham who are you?


2012-03-21 08:02:38

Play the Latest Version here:-


2012-03-21 08:03:09

SimGirls 5.17 is available!!!!


2012-03-21 15:17:16

SG 5.17 is not uploaded to NG yet :(


2012-03-22 02:40:47

Play the Latest Version here :-


2012-03-25 15:55:26



2012-04-26 12:09:27

Play SimGirls Full Version here:-


2012-04-26 21:22:13

I never expected you to come back here after so long, and the game's still good albeit dated.


2012-04-27 07:42:18

how about simboys coming till 2013


2012-04-27 07:42:19

how about simboys coming till 2013


2012-04-27 07:42:19

how about simboys coming till 2013


2012-04-27 23:51:10

wow my dick is raw from this idot