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New 5.0 version is ready on NG !

2011-08-11 15:24:30 by sim-man

I uploaded the new file to NG a couple days ago. It is now ready to play. This time I removed the Ami's ending and finished Tomoko's story completely. I also gave more depths to Tomoko's character. Tons of new hardcore hentai scenes and stories added.


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2011-08-14 15:26:03

Thank you a lot <3 welcome back!


2011-08-14 15:26:31

First and second post btw.


2011-08-15 21:56:30

Sweet! I love this game, you have done a great job with it. I was wondering, could you maybe complete Kotomi's story, she's my favorite dateable character. Mainly because of her cuteness, innocence, and shyness. I would like her story to have less rapes and kidnapping's than Tomoko's, though.

sim-man responds:

I will try my best :)


2011-08-19 20:46:10

Thank you, I really appreciate it. and once again, excellent job!


2011-08-20 22:57:09

Sim Girl I love it, thank you very much for bringing this wonderful game of our lives, I'm out ancioso that version 6


2011-08-21 19:22:38

simman I have a question! in the day 90 I have to Tomoko give top class model and I can not click in history why?

sim-man responds:

sorry that's a bug. Will be fixed in the next update.


2011-08-22 09:13:30

Your a god man excellent work as always


2011-08-24 15:33:20

I know I'm just another face in the crowd, but I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that you've returned to Newgrounds ^.^
I'm glad to see you're not dead XD


2011-08-29 01:12:40

I'm really happy for know that there is a version 5.
0 i have only played until the 2.0 i think. I belive that this gal is really good i want to congratulate you for this great game. I just hope that you can re-add Ami ending in the next version if it's possible or at least tell me which versi. I haven't seen it and she is my favorite heroine.. Maybe isn't so pretty as Tomoko but i like her personality a lot and the childfriend thing.


2011-08-29 06:07:49

Sorry. You don't need to tell me in which version i can fine ami's ending i just figured that it would be in the version 4 if you just removed it in the five one it just happen that i didn't edith well that sentence when i was writing it . Even then, id would be nive if i could fine it in the next version too but it's all too you. I don0t want to bother you, it'll be fine anyway i'm sure. Thanks again for making this awesome game.^^


2011-09-05 09:49:46

You have the most famous Hentai sim game on the wbe, well done. Great artwork, story line and well everything is good really. x


2011-09-07 13:32:47

HOLY CRAP. AUG 11,2011 u r still alive,nice to see u sim-man.
I can't describe how much i love this game, the most viewed flash game on the whole internet, and i guess no1 will ever be able to beat the record. I recall the first time i play this flash in 2005 probably, I didnt get to finish to the end i gotta go to school tomorrow, that night I couldn't even sleep well. Haha, this game always hold one spot in my heart, I was depressed this game won't ever be finished. If you gona release a CD copy of the SIMGIRL, i'm definitely gona buy it


2011-09-07 13:44:51

tom should have put simgirlv5.0 on the mainpage, i believe that definitely gona attract a lot more clicks


2011-09-08 09:58:51

The save is not working correctly, everything sets back to 1 after i load.
I replay the new version, it was already amazing i could simply give it 10. but now u inject more emotional stuff into a character, it brings the game to a higher level comparing to other mindless games out there, I really like it.
But one thing I want to point out is since u insist on adding emotional stuff, the game seems to be lack of continuity in some sense. I went to love hotel with tomoko and had sex last night, next day i talk to her it's like nothing had happened. You can create a separate dialogue after a event is triggered, and it should have a relationship impact at least in points.
lol I think you are really an erotic artist and writer


2011-09-11 01:12:11

sim-man, the newest update is amazing, and even the versions before it are. the wait has been so long for version 5.0. i was actually playing version 4 one night, and i saved my progress, picked it back up the next night and version 5 was out. it was pretty awesome. i have to ask, is there any chance of a version 6? im one of many fans who love this game!


2011-09-27 05:15:32

i play this game since i was kids and now i be a teenager, it very good to play it again hope the full version finish


2011-10-05 11:01:18

wanted to say i love your game and welcome back. ive been a fan of yours sense 2002:) your classic sim girl version- you rock men keep up the great work and i hope someday is see this game on a japanese console lol- cuz id buy definitely:) WELCOME BACKK AGAIN BRO. and one last question, is there going to be a full version to this game?


2011-10-14 16:07:42

Thank you for updating the game after a long wait.

Its probably the only game on the mature section worth playing even after all these years. It'll be nice to actually get a proper ending.


2011-10-16 00:50:33

So you're not dead after all? Awesome. :)