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I am not dead

2011-08-10 20:28:56 by sim-man

Hi everyone, I just want to let you know that I am not dead. Hahahaha... I am just too old to fool around on NG. Anyway NG is the best flash site ever! It has evolved from an amateur site for teenagers to a professional and top-quality flash site. I missed the old days when I uploaded a bunch of nonsense craps here just for fun.

Recently I just had a break from work so I picked up the old Simgirls file and played around with it a little bit. The result is a new 5.0 version of Simgirls! There is no way for Simgirls to compare with any modern flash games in terms of quality, but hopefully it can still bring back some good old memories, just like what it did to me. Enjoy!


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2011-08-11 02:37:54

long time no see, really long time


2011-08-11 12:20:32

Brilliant 2 see your return! when can we expect 5.0 and where?

(Updated ) sim-man responds:

The new version is already on NG. You probably need to refresh or clear history in your browser.


2011-10-22 19:53:18

Thank you so much for coming back. I registered on NG just to let you know how much I appreciate the update! I have been waiting for it for years.


2012-01-29 23:40:37

Its a sign of the end of days, good to see a project that was just sim girl when I first started visiting newgrounds almost a decade ago finally being revived, can't wait to see what you have planned sim-man.


2012-03-12 04:20:28

It is really nice to see that you have returned.